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What have we here...

This is a journal of self-absorption. It is all about me and whatever is buzzing around in my head at any given time. I try at times to be witty or clever, but by far the main focus of this journal is to capture the moments of my life for later reflection. I believe we grow based on our experiences and I also believe that writing about those experiences is the only true way to remember who we were before we grew to be who we are.

I am a father and a teacher - those are my two greatest skills.
I am a reader and a writer - I am good at both but a master of neither.
I am a friend and a confidante - sometimes those qualities are used against me.
I am a Weight Watcher - I keep track of the changes in my health and weight in here.
I am a handicapped person - I deal with my problems but am not above complaining about them.

Take a look at my interests...take a look at my journal...befriend me if you're so inclined and I will check out your journal and probably add you back.

Be happy.