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March 2014
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Ryk [userpic]

DREAMS. Gotta love them.

We read a story in class yesterday called “Be-ers and Doers.” It’s a little family drama about a mom who expects more from her son and how that situation grows over the years until it comes to a head. Pretty standard fare as these things go, not a story I’m going to go to any great lengths to use in the future but not something I’m going to steer clear of. At the very end of the story, however, the narrator tells us that the son buys a house on a little farm, reads books and writes poetry, never gets married or has children, and lives pretty contentedly away from his mother. Then there’s this line: “He keeps an old rocker out of the edge of the cliff, where he can sit and watch the tides of Fundy rise and fall.”
My poor, befuddled brain being what it is, I immediately envisioned Sammy Hagar (the old rocker) being kept on the cliff’s edge for the son’s amusement. I know, weird.

But then the weird stuff shows up in our dreams. So last night/early this morning I dreamt that a limousine pulled up outside the front window of my house and that to incredibly beautiful ostriches came up to my window and looked inside. Instead of having little bitty heads, they had beautiful big cartoon heads; they had beautiful, white feathers and expressive beaks with lips that could smile. One seemed to have a necklace imprinting her neck feathers that I could not quite see but that I somehow knew would be beautiful. They came up to my window and looked inside, where I was sitting in my chair reading a book. They didn’t look like they wanted to come inside – in fact, one went around the side of the house for a few moments and I assumed she was having a pee break - so I just smiled and congeniality and watched the one who stood at the window smiling in at me. Then the other one returned and they walked back to the limousine. The door opened, and there was Sammy Hager dressed to the nines and looking really dapper. He motioned to the ostriches to get into the car, which they did, and then he waved at me and gave me a thumbs-up.

I have no idea what any of that means.