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March 2014
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Ryk [userpic]
The Diet

The first week was pretty much hit and miss with the diet. It's the Herbalife diet again. When I went to the doctor last week, I was delighted to find that all over the entire summer – during which we were not using Herbalife – I only gained 3 pounds. I was guessing that I had gained about twenty.

Along with this, we've given up being red meat. I know it is better for my heart and my blood pressure as well as for my weight. Diana and I agreed that we were not good to punish ourselves if we decided to go get a hamburger (which we did, on Saturday, at Red Robin), but for the most part we're sticking to chicken. I like fish better than she does, but I am sure we will get the occasional piece of salmon as well.

Anyhow, I asked to be pretty much excused from lunches this week. This is the last week that I'll be able to go to lunch, since school starts next week again, and there are a few places I genuinely like to go. Yesterday, for example, I went to Moe's for their Monday special.

Originally, I had planned to go to the Chinese buffet on Thursday. Diana does not like Chinese food and I love it, so I figured Thursday was a great day to get it. But she has decided to take Thursday and Friday off this week, to spend with me before school starts again, so that plan has been kiboshed.

Why I am saying all of this is this: I had a victory today. I had to go to the veterinarian, which is back by the old house, and that’s where my favorite Chinese restaurant is. So I thought I would go ahead and go to the Chinese buffet today instead. However, Diana had made me my shakes for breakfast and lunch already, and I also did not want my shake to go bad for lunch. So I thought, hmm, maybe what I’ll do is go to the Chinese buffet for lunch, and then come home and have my shake. Diana will never know, and I’ll get the best of both worlds. Sure, I would increase my calorie intake today, but – who would know?

Well, I would know, that’s who. And so as I drove there, as I thought about what I planned to do, I talked myself out of it. I decided that I did not need the Chinese buffet that bad, and to go there would be a weakness. As I wrote a couple days ago, I’m going to have to be filled with self-loathing in order for this to be successful, so I reminded myself how much I would hate myself if I gave in and went to the Chinese buffet today. Now again, I can go to the Chinese buffet this week, but not on a day that I already have a shake made. You see?

So I did not go to the Chinese buffet, and I went to the veterinarian instead. Between the two points, I decided that what I could do - something that would not be too far off my diet – would be to go to McDonald’s and have one of their premium chicken wraps. Those are pretty good, and I am allowed to have a snack if I’m hungry, and I thought that would be fairly reasonable. But when I got to McDonald’s after the vet, the line was very long. I waited in the line for a couple cars, and during that time I convinced myself that I just didn’t need it. What I needed to do was come home and have my shake.

And that’s what I did. I did not have anything at all to eat on the way home. In fact, I have not had anything to eat all day. I had my breakfast shake, and I had my lunch shake, and I drank a couple bottles of water (water is very important on this diet). And that’s it. No Chinese buffet. No McDonald’s premium chicken wrap. Nothing. I’m very proud of myself.

I’m also very hungry. I wonder where she wants to go for dinner tonight. I’m hoping for Ruby Tuesday.


Great job! I've slipped some on my diet this week. I'm too much of an emotional eater and I'm stressing over the move and other things. But what you wrote is inspiring. I need to get back in that mindset.