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March 2014
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Ryk [userpic]

I need some advice. Anyone with any sort of legal knowledge or business acumen can probably help. I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done.

I wrote last month about having problems with the Internet company that DirecTV attempted to bundle me with. In a nutshell, when we moved I decided to just make life “convenient” by bundling together my television and Internet packages, and after I scheduled the transfer of service with DirecTV I asked them to connect me with their Internet department. They connected me with Exede, and I spoke with their customer service representative who assured me that the 10 GB package would be enough based on what I described my needs to be. They verbally asked me to agree to a two-year contract, which I did because I thought that was pretty much standard; DirecTV also has a two-year commitment. And the day after we moved in, their installation man got the house set up for Internet.

I used the computer as I usually do – mostly Facebook and email, no downloading or video streaming – and when I called the next day to see if there was a way that I could track usage, I discovered that I had already used 2.4 GB of the 10 GB I was allowed per month. Obviously, this was not going to suffice. So I called the company and explained the situation to them and asked to be let out of this contract. The CSR explained at the time that I was going to have to pay an early termination fee, and I explained at some length that I had only had service for one day and that since it was obviously insufficient for my needs I didn’t think it fair that they hold me to this contract, especially since – as far as I’m concerned – the person I spoke with first misrepresented their company to me. This CSR agreed to submit a waiver on my behalf to see what’s there corporate office would say.

Today I got a call from my bank alerting me to an unusual transaction, and this was the early termination fee charged by the company: about $350. I called and spoke to a CSR, who transferred me to floor supervisor (or something), who “researched my account” and explained that the waiver had been submitted and the corporate office has denied it. She explained that they “do not have a trial period.” I appealed to her as best I could, explaining again that I had only had service for one day and it was not the service that had been described to me during the telephone conversation when I set up service, but she could give me no further answer. Obviously, she also cannot advise me know what else I could do – it’s not her job to suggest ways I can get out of paying her company something.
So I’m asking you all. If I’m just out of luck, then tell me so. But if you have any advice of something I can do or try to do, then please let me know. I am really not trying to get out of anything in a sneaky way; it just doesn’t seem fair to me that I’m going to be charged $350 for something I had one day that did not live up to my expectations.

And it goes without saying that I advise you not to do business with Exede or WildBlue Communications. For that matter, I’m not sure I recommend you do business with DirecTV either they are the ones who recommended me to this company. I know the DirecTV is not directly responsible for this Internet company, but when I called and talked to them about the situation, they were rather dismissive with me. Again, perhaps is nothing that I can do, but...this just isn’t fair.