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March 2014
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Ryk [userpic]
Dragon Dictation

I am recording this using my new Dragon dictation software that I got for my birthday. I very excited to have this program! It’s getting harder for me to type, so now I can sit here at the computer until it stories. This program types the stories for me as I speak.

In fact, I’m going to try to experiment now. I’m going to close my eyes and just talk and see how accurate this program is. I don’t know if it will insert commas or if it will only record end punctuation or if I have to say everything. It will be very interesting to discover. So here we go…

I have so much to do. I’m really overwhelmed. I shouldn’t be sitting here playing with my new Dragon dictation software, but it’s so cool! Let’s see, what do I need to do? I need to revise my English exams for college. I need to finish working on the Tam O’Shanter. I need to revamp my syllabuses for summer courses because we changed textbooks this year. I need to grade two sets of essays before Saturday. I need to do the online training to teach computer courses. I need to do the training based on the meeting we had at school last week. I need to finish putting together my lesson plans for this year.

Oh wow! I dictated the first three paragraphs in word processing, then said COPY, then opened up LiveJournal and – just to be silly – said PASTE, and it showed up! I am very impressed with this program. I think this will help me a lot.

As my muscular dystrophy progresses, it's getting harder and harder for me to type. Almost all the time, I have to go back and fix numerous numerous typos, and it's gotten to the point where it barely was typing it all. But Dragon Dictation is going to change that for me. Seriously, I can record stories and poems right here, and watch them typed out before my very eyes.

Okay, fun as this is, I really do have a lot to do. Such is life…


I'm really glad you have found a way to help you communicate. I didn't realize..your recent challenges.