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March 2014
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Ryk [userpic]
Poem: "In Exposition"

I don't write much poetry lately, but the idea for this came to me yesterday when I was teaching literary elements to my college students. "We live our lives in exposition," I said. "Somebody write that down somewhere and you can quote me when I'm famous."

Sitting here this morning, I was again delighted by the succinctness of the expression. By itself, if invites reflection and expresses what I would consider a universal truth. But as I reflected, this poem started to come to me. I don't know if it is a great poem, but I kind
of like it.

I really am interested in honest feedback to this poem, especially if it helps me make the poem better. Any feedback at all is welcome. Thanks :)

In Exposition
by Ryk Stanton

We live our lives in exposition

Always waiting for the initial incident
To jump-start our narrative
To set off a chain of complications
To develop conflict
To present insurmountable obstacles
To build suspense

Until we reach a climax
Where we either succeed
Or fail

Either way, this ends in a resolution
That ties up many loose ends
But often suggests the possibility of sequels

And thus
We live our lives
In exposition
Waiting for whatever comes next.

Honest feedback appreciated...

What I meant to convey...

This poem is very great, very literary, something that could be published in a high class magazine with a reputation.


Re: What I meant to convey...

I thought I might see if it had wings...maybe for Writer's Digest or Writer.