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Ryk [userpic]
Why I Was at the Doctor

First, I don't want anyone to get too concerned. When I had my physical couple months ago, my doctor did an EKG and apparently didn't like something she saw because she scheduled an appointment for me with this cardiologist. It wasn't like an emergency that I had to go - I ended up moving the appointment from its original July 5 date to August 20 and then to today, September 10.

The cardiologist looked at the EKG report briefly (I really think this was a waste of a doctor visit and forty dollars) and said he wanted to schedule me for an "echo," which I suppose means echocardiogram. He said it seemed the right side of my heart might be a little enlarged and wants to check it out. I said something about my being so fat, but he dismissed that: He said that this was aside from my weight.

Diana's very worried, but I'm not let myself get all twisted up yet. I figure if it were an emergency, he would've told me go to the hospital right away, he would've insisted they run the echocardiogram before I left the office, or something.

I'm not suffering any sort of chest pain. My blood pressure is good. My heart rate was a little elevated. I really think this is just one of those things are double checking to be sure it's not a problem: being as old as I am and is obese as I am, they're trying to make sure that I don't develop a heart problem.

So right now it's wait-and-see. I'll post more when I know more.

The funny part, to me, is that I had been joking with Diana this morning that the problem was probably that my heart had grown two sizes too big because I have so much love for her. Then for it to be a problem where the heart is too big – is kind of interesting timing.