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Ryk [userpic]
Teachers Say the Darnedest Things

Discussing a passage in Fahrenheit 451 today where Montag is trying to memorize a passage from the Bible and is being interrupted by incessant advertising on the subway, I decided to tie in what he was dealing with to a situation they would understand even better. I said,

"You know how sometimes when you're writing essays in class and I'll turn on some classical music for you to write along to? And you know how sometimes I'll change it to a different song so you can concentrate because the music is too fast or too beat-driven or too horny --"

And then I had to stop because the kids were cracking up, and then I started cracking up because I realized what I had said, and chaos ensued. It was a hilarious moment, a real gaffe on my part, and only after a few minutes did I get to clearly explain that what I meant was that the sound of the horns is sometimes too brassy, too blare-y ... too many horns, you see.

An honest mistake, but what a doozy!


I'm sure they appreciated the laugh :)